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CROWN has all the original hairfood ingredients with a few more key essential oils that aid with crown chakra. We encourage you to do your on research on all things eplained.


-3 AMYTHEST- Master number 3. Amythyst is prominantly known as the crystal associated with the CROWN CHAKRA. Providing calm and positivity, activating spritual awareness and assit in emotional and spiritual protection. A spiritual being having a human experience. One large stone is provided charged and cleansed for immediate meditation upon arrival (optional). Before any spiritual practice be sure to light your sage or palo santo with an open window in the room you are doing meditation to remove any negative energies from your space. Light  a white candle or purple( preferably)keeping away from flammables, and have a clear glass filled about half way on your alter or bedside.Apply hairfood to scalp, burn franckincense, lie down and place in the middle of forhead over 3rd eye, begin meditation while listening 528hz (optional). You have the option to clease yourself. Two smaller charged and cleansed crystals are inerted in the jars to keep hairfood activated. Recommended to sit jar out every fullmoon until gone. Then crystals can be removed and used how you choose (wrap etc.).


-Black Pepper- Not well known but has for root chakra benefits. Also, with further research known for being linked to mental clarity by strengthening the mind,memory, and aid in eliminating self doubt, protmoting emotional balance.


-Petitgrain- Used for crown chakra balance and opening, expanding spiritual connection. Also, has skin benefits by preventing inflammation. 


-Vanilla- Simply for calming.


-Palo Santo- Holy wood used for clearing out negativity, and spritual purification.

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